October 15, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in a very challenging period for the whole travel industry with far fewer people making journeys over the past 18 months. As a result, sales of the European Rail Timetable have dropped considerably thus putting a severe strain on the company’s finances.

Determined to preserve the future of the timetable, we have had to adapt and implement various changes during this difficult period to offset the lower income by reducing production costs. As a result, the following production changes will take place from the December 2021 edition:

We will publish four printed seasonal editions each year, starting with

    • Winter 2021/2022 (December)
    • Spring 2022 (March)
    • Summer 2022 (June)
    • Autumn 2022 (September) 

Each will include all Beyond Europe sections and the Rail Extra and Rail Pass features.

Individual copies will cost £20.99, but four consecutive issues can be pre-ordered for £75 directly with us.

Each edition will also be available to buy when published through major bookshops.

Digital editions will continue to be produced monthly and will remain priced at £11.99 for a single edition with an annual subscription rate of £80.

Current subscription holders of the printed edition will have their subscription period adjusted to take into account these changes and they will be contacted in due course to confirm this.

Together with a few internal changes, we hope this revised production format will enable us to continue timetable production for years to come. With restrictions starting to ease we hope that our readers will soon be able to resume their travels around Europe (and beyond) by rail.