The Newslines from the November 2022 digital edition of the European Rail Timetable are reproduced here:-

Timings in this edition are valid until December 10 which marks the end of the current timetable period. Our Winter International Supplement includes advance versions of many international tables valid from December 11 and will be found on pages 567 to 596. The timetable team are currently working hard on the production of our upcoming Winter 2022/2023 edition which will contain new timings for most European countries valid from December 11. It will be available in digital format from Friday December 9, with the printed version available for dispatch from Wednesday December 14.

Owing to further rises in the price of paper, we have had to make the difficult decision to increase the price of our printed editions to help us cover rising costs. The paper that we have used since issue one is no longer available as paper mills have been rationalizing paper production over recent months. We have sourced a new paper supply, but this is 34% more expensive than before meaning we have no option but to increase the retail price of individual printed timetables by £2 to £24.99. This decision has not been taken lightly, and has been kept to a minimum to simply cover these increased costs, but it is the only viable way for us to continue producing our content in printed format. To help cover other production costs we will also be increasing the price of individual digital editions by £1 (to £12.99) on January 1, this being the first price increase since we first launched the digital version in 2016.

The line between Medinaceli and Soria has closed until March 2023 so that track replacement work can take place. Buses will replace trains during the closure (Table 651).

The last train from Algeciras to Antequera - Santa Ana has been retimed to depart 18 minutes earlier. In the opposite direction the late evening train now departs 40 minutes later (Table 673).

Journeys between Kiel and Flensburg are altered until spring 2023 due to the temporary closure of the Schlei Bridge (located between Eckernforde and Suderbrarup) so that major upgrade work can be undertaken. Temporary stations have been constructed close to both ends of the bridge and passengers are required to transfer between the two stations on foot, a distance of approximately 350 metres. Table 824 has been updated with the amended schedules.

Engineering work to the east of Braunschweig Hbf is currently affecting all long-distance and regional services until December 10. A reduced ICE service is running between Frankfurt and Berlin via Kassel with trains diverted between Gottingen and Wolfsburg, so not calling at Hildesheim or Braunschweig (Table 902). Significant alterations also apply to services which normally run between Hannover and Magdeburg and so we have included a special version of Table 866 (on page 560) with full details of amended timings during this period.

Regiojet has made some changes to its international services. Trains in Table 1150 are not currently serving Flughafen Wien Schwechat. In Table 1160, the Praha – Krakow – Przemysl overnight service has commenced operation. Also in Table 1160, one pair of Praha – Kosice trains have been cut back to run as internal Czech services between Praha and Navsi.

Through trains between Bratislava and Banska Bystrica have resumed following the completion of engineering work along part of the route (Table 1170).

Smyril Line will be cancelling all sailings between the Faroe Islands and Iceland from late December to mid-March owing to rising fuel costs. Sailings between Denmark and the Faroe Islands will continue during this period. Table 2285 has been updated with the revised schedules.

Levante Ferries has launched a new overnight ferry link between Thessalonıki (Greece) and Izmir (Turkey) which operates three times a week in each direction (Table 2851).

Table 13 (Winter): French Railways will operate two daily TGV services in each direction between Paris and Barcelona with a third running in the summer. However AVE 9743/9736 Barcelona – Lyon and AVE 9731/9724 Madrid – Barcelona – Marseille will be withdrawn.

Table 17 (Winter): Eurostar has announced that its London – Marne la Vallee - Chessy (station for Disneyland) service will be withdrawn from June 6, 2023.

Table 40 (Winter): Lyria services between Paris and Zurich will mostly remain unchanged, apart from train 9230 which will depart Zurich for Paris one hour later than at present, at 1834.

Table 54 (Winter): A second Praha – Zurich overnight service will be introduced, routed via Dresden and Leipzig. Numbered EN459/458, it will be conveyed on the rerouted Berlin – Zurich service (NJ 409/408). The Hamburg – Zurich service (NJ 470/401) will be retimed, arriving and departing Zurich one hour later than at present.

Table 56 (Winter): A sixth EuroCity service in each direction between Berlin and Warszawa will be introduced, numbered 47 and 46.

Table 60 (Winter): Various changes will occur on the Hamburg – Berlin – Praha – Budapest axis. EC173/172 Hamburg – Budapest will once again be calling at Praha hlavnı nadrazı and Pardubice. EC177/176 Hamburg – Berlin – Praha will no longer run between Hamburg and Berlin. EC179/178 Berlin – Praha will be extended within Germany to run from and to Rostock. RJ 257/256 Berlin – Decın – Graz will no longer run from and to the German capital and will be renumbered RJ 259/258. EC379/378 Kiel – Hamburg – Berlin – Praha will only run between Berlin and Praha.

Table 65 (Winter): EN50237/50462 Kalman Imre Munchen – Budapest, which also conveys cars to and from Venezia (Table 70), Zagreb and Rijeka (Table 62), will be extended to run from and to Stuttgart.

Table 78 (Winter): European Sleeper, an independent operator planning to run an overnight service Brussels – Amsterdam – Berlin – Praha, are now focusing on a launch date during 2023.

Table 82 (Winter): EC35 Geneve – Milano will extend to Venezia while EC37/47 Geneve – Venezia will terminate at Milano. EC307 Zurich – Milano – Venezia and EC311 Zurich – Milano – Bologna will switch their final destinations. In the reverse direction EC308 will start from Bologna (instead of Venezia), EC310 will start from Venezia (instead of Genova) and EC326 will start from Genova (instead of Bologna).

Table 88 (Winter): NJ 234/233 Wien – Milano will be extended to Genoa and will call at Milano Rogoredo instead of Porta Garibaldi.

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