The Newslines from the February 2024 digital edition are reproduced here:

According to Italian media reports, a new Milano – Venezia – Ljubljana EuroCity service may be introduced in April. The train will be numbered 137/136 and the journey time will be just under seven hours.

Major renovation work will be taking place at Amsterdam Centraal station from June to December this year and the dedicated Eurostar departure area will be temporarily closed as a result. During this period the London to Amsterdam service will reduce from four to three services on weekdays and, as previously reported, passengers travelling from Amsterdam to London will have to change trains at Brussels where border formalities will take place (Table 18).

Owing to their complexity, we are not able to show the amended weekend TransPennine Express schedules from February 10 to March 10 (Table 188). Please confirm timings with the operator for weekend journeys during this period.

2024 schedules for Isle of Man rail services have been finalised and Table 229 has been updated accordingly.

Engineering work will affect many services on the line between Nımes and Langeac / Marvejols from February 10 (Table 333). Unfortunately, owing to the complex nature of amended schedules, we are unable to show full details of the service provided from this date and so readers are advised to check any journey plans along this route. However, the period from February 26 to April 1 sees fewer changes with only the through services between Nıˆmes and Clermont Ferrand being affected. We have created a special version of Table 333 on page 211 with the amended schedules of these particular services during this period.

SPAINThere have been some minor retimings from January 15 affecting highspeed services from Madrid to Sevilla, Malaga, Granada, Cadiz and Algeciras (Table 660).

All tables have now been checked and updated with schedules now valid until March 9. Timings in Poland are subject to frequent alterations, so readers are advised to confirm timings for journeys beyond the current validity.

Cross border services between Zwardon and Zilina have been recast and a change of train is now required at Skalite´ instead of Cadca (Table 1077).

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The Newslines from the January 2024 digital edition are reproduced here:

Eurostar schedules will be affected by engineering work taking place between Brussels and Amsterdam on February 4, 10,11, 24, 25, March 3, 4, 9, 10 and 23. Services will be further affected on February 25 due to engineering work between London and Ashford.

The section of line between St Michael-Valloire and Modane (part of the key international route between France and Italy) is expected to remain closed until summer 2024 following extensive storm damage in August 2023. However, from January 10, French Railways will operate a single journey in each direction between Paris and Milano using a rail replacement bus service to bridge the gap between St Jean de Maurienne and Oulx. Table 44 has been updated with the timings for this temporary service.

Berlin Night Express has announced its 2024 running dates. From Stockholm, train 301 will run six days a week from March 31. In the opposite direction departures from Berlin will commence from April 1. Trains will also run on four additional dates in each direction before the Easter holidays (Table 50).

The line between Dijon and Nevers has been temporarily closed since July 10 to allow major route upgrade work to take place. However, the section of line between Le Creusot and Nevers will reopen to rail traffic from January 8 with rail services along the whole route returning to normal from February 17. The service from February 17 will be found in the main version of Table 373, on page 217. A separate version of the table will be found on page 230 outlining the amended schedules from January 8 to February 16.

We have made a number of changes to the Swiss section, utilising a spare page that has become available.

We have created a new Table 500 showing all fast services between Geneve and Zurich via both Bern and Biel/Bienne (which were previously shown in Table 505). Table 505 is now dedicated to semifast services between Bern and Zurich which operate via Burgdorf or Brugg. The table showing services between Biel/Bienne and Basel has been renumbered from 505a to 500a.

Table 511 has been amended to show all services along the entire Bern – Neuchatel – Le Locle route with the Bern – Payerne service now shown separately in a new Table 511a. Table 512 covers services between Biel/Bienne and La Chaux de Fonds together with trains operating between Biel/Bienne and Moutier via Tavannes.

The Bern to Solothurn table has been renumbered from 516 to 518. A new Table 516 now shows services of the Chemins de Fer du Jura, the first time they have appeared in the European Rail Timetable. Both the main route from La Chaux de Fonds to Glovelier and the branch line from Le Noirmont to Tavannes are included. Glovelier station has been added to Tables 500a and 515 with connections at Tavannes shown in the modified Table 512.

Finally, direct S-Bahn services between Zurich and Rapperswil are now shown in a new Table 519.

The entire Italian section has been checked and updated for this edition. Note that long distance trains (those shown with numbers) are subject to alteration from April 1, but most regional trains are now valid until June 8.

Services in Table 586 are operated by bus between Ivrea and Aosta until further notice.

Local trains between Innsbruck and Brennero have been moved from Table 595 to a new Table 594.

As part of our on-going efforts to improve presentation of overnight services in Italy, schedules of ICN trains serving Salerno, Reggio di Calabria and Sicily, together with services between Trieste and Roma, have been moved to a new Table 641. This means the full overnight schedules can be found in a single table. The previous Table 641, which showed main line services on Sicily, is now numbered 642.

Unfortunately, we have not had time to fully update the Polish section in time for this edition. Those tables that have not been updated are clearly marked and readers are advised to confirm timings before travelling. We hope to have this section full updated in time for the February edition.

Since the December timetable change, rail services have returned to the Krakow – Zakopane route. Note that InterCity and TLK services no longer call at Chabowka, instead using a recently constructed chord of track which avoids the station. Trains have to reverse direction at Chabowka and so, by using this short section of new line, services can be accelerated by a few minutes (Table 1066).

A daily through train between Vilnius and Riga was introduced on December 27. Timings can be found in Table 1805.

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