The Newslines from the April 2023 digital edition of the European Rail Timetable are reproduced here:-

Many of our tables have been updated this month, particularly in Germany where there are some significant changes to long-distance services from April 1 due to the temporary closure of the high-speed line between Fulda and Kassel.

This month’s edition also features an expanded Summer International Supplement with advance versions of most international tables valid from June 11. It will be found at the back of this edition from page 571.

The terminal at London Luton Airport is now linked directly to Luton Airport Parkway station by an automated people mover known as DART (Direct Air-Rail Transit). Frequent services are provided 24 hours a day with a journey time of under four minutes. The single fare is £4.90 and combined rail/DART tickets are also available.

To avoid duplication, we have removed all long-distance trains from Table 289 which now just focuses on the regional service between Nantes and Tours. TGV services between Nantes and Lyon via Massy are already shown in Table 335 while timings of Intercites services between Nantes and Lyon via Bourges are now shown in full in Table 290 (on the same page).

Technical problems affecting the new 22-kilometre double-track Follobanen line between Oslo and Ski have now been resolved. The line reopened on March 5 meaning services in Table 770 are now running normally again.

Owing to technical issues, Golden Pass Express services between Montreux and Interlaken will require a change of trains at Zweisimmen until further notice. The new trains will operate on the narrow-gauge section between Montreux and Zweisimmen with a replacement rail service running between Zweisimmen and Interlaken.

Engineering work currently taking place between Murten and Ins will affect services on the Fribourg to Neuchatel route until August 23. During the work, a rail replacement bus service is provided between Murten and either Ins or Neuchatel. Table 509 has been updated with the amended schedules.

The evening AVE service from Madrid to Granada (train 2196) now departs 30 minutes later, at 2005, and is no longer attached to AVE service 2192 to Malaga (Table 660). Previously, the two services ran combined until Antequera Santa Ana. As train 2196 now runs separately, it no longer calls at Antequera Santa Ana resulting in an 11 minute reduction in journey time.

Two low-cost high-speed Avlo services were introduced in each direction between Madrid and Alicant from March 27. The two services from Madrid replace former AVE services in exactly the same timings (departing Madrid at 0700 and 1700). A new AVE service between the cities has also been introduced in this direction, departing Madrid at 1500 and running non-stop to Alicant. In the opposite direction, the two new Avlo services depart Alicant at 1145 and 2100. Table 668 has been updated with these latest changes. In June, Avlo plan to introduce one return service on each of the Madrid – Sevilla and Madrid – Malaga routes (Table 660).

Additional Regional services have been introduced between Vigo Guixar and Santiago de Compostela (Table 680).

From March 27, Alvia services 4087, 4176 and 4166 between Madrid and San Sebastian / Donostia were rebranded Intercity and renumbered 4287, 4276 and 4466 respectively (Table 689).

Timings in the German section have been fully updated this month and are currently valid from April 1 to May 26. The most significant changes are as a result of the temporary closure of the key section of high-speed line between Kassel and Fulda from April 1 to December 9 so that extensive route upgrade work can be carried out. Various diversionary routes are being utilised, but this does mean that journey times on some routes are considerably extended. In addition, routeings of some long distance trains are amended and certain services are wholly or partially suspended during the closure period. Readers should note that the line between Wurzburg and Nurnberg will also be temporarily closed during the summer, from May 27 to September 11, resulting in yet further timing changes. The German section will be fully updated in time for the Summer edition with amended schedules for this period.

All long-distance trains between Berlin and Dresden are diverted from April 22 to November 10 as the latest phase of work to upgrade this important route is undertaken. During this period a reduced service will operate with extended journey times. Most services on the Rostock – Berlin – Dresden route will not run south of Flughafen Berlin. However, the two daily through services in each direction between Berlin and Chemnitz will continue to run, albeit diverted via Riesa and not serving Dresden. The amended service from April 22 is shown in Table 840 on page 390, with the regular service until April 21 shown in a separate version of the table on page 561. Note that the regional service between Berlin and Elsterwerda will also be affected by the engineering work(Table 835).

Normal service on the international route between Angermunde and Szczecin is expected to resume from April 24 following an extended period of partial bus replacement (Table 845).

The main line between Schwarzach-St Veit and Mallnitz-Obervellach will be closed to all rail traffic from April 12 to May 17 so that the Tauern Tunnel can undergo essential maintenance work. During the closure, day trains will be replaced by bus between Bischofshofen and Spittal-Millstattersee with intermediate stations served by other rail replacement bus services. Overnight trains that normally use this route are retimed and diverted.

Direct local rail services have resumed between Zielona Gora and Poznan following the completion of engineering work between Zielona Gora and Zbaszynek (Table 1001).

Hungarian Railways has issued amendments to its timetable valid from April 2 and so all tables in our Hungarian section have been updated accordingly. Special expanded versions of Tables 1220 and 1225, showing the summer service to the Lake Balaton area, will be found on pages 566 to 569. Owing to a compiling error, the lower half of the additional Table 1225 (valid from May 15 to June 16) on page 560 of last month’s edition was not shown. This has now been rectified and the full service is shown this month.

Holland Norway Lines is moving its sailings from the Dutch port of Eemshaven, initially to Cuxhaven (in Germany) from April 17 to May 31, then permanently to the German port of Emden from June 1. Both ports are easily reached by rail and, when the service moves to Emden, a dedicated bus link will be provided between Groningen and Emden to connect with sailings. Table 2230 has been updated with the amended schedules.

The direct Adirondack service between New York and Montreal will be restored in its entirety from April 3. An updated version of Table 9210 is included on page 570.

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