The Newslines from the September 2021 edition of the European Rail Timetable are reproduced here:-

Although yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, there has been a gradual increase in rail service provision across Europe, particularly at a domestic level. Many international routes continue to operate with a reduced service, although a number of international trains are expected to be reinstated during the autumn. Travel restrictions remain in place between certain countries so readers should continue to consult official government advice before planning any international trips for the foreseeable future. We compile our own tables based on the latest information available with known service suspensions indicated by either a note and / or a shaded column.

Regular readers will be aware that the September edition is normally produced only in digital format. However, as announced last month, to make crucial cost savings we have made the decision to produce just one more printed edition for the current timetable period – this September 2021 issue – before we publish the new 2021/2022 schedules in December as usual. The upcoming October edition will, therefore, only be available in digital format. With this change in the production schedule, we have decided to include all of the latest Beyond Europe sections this month to ensure that readers can obtain the latest worldwide schedules in printed format. We have also included extracts from Newslines that appeared in the July and August digital editions which will be found on pages 570 and 571. As a further bonus we have included an updated version of our Rail Extra feature which usually only appears in the Summer and Winter editions.

Table 9 has been updated for the winter 2021/2022 ski season. Thalys is planning to operate its weekly Thalys Neige between Amsterdam and Bourg St Maurice. French domestic ski trains between Lille / Paris and St Gervais / Bourg St Maurice are also expected to operate as normal. Until November 1 Eurostar is operating five services in each direction between London and Paris on weekdays (four on Saturdays and Sundays) with two or three services running each day between London and Brussels (one of which is extended to Amsterdam). From November 2 to December 11 the current plan is to run two daily services on the Paris route and just a single service to Brussels and Amsterdam. If the market improves Eurostar may reinstate further services during the course of this timetable period (Table 10).

Two daily Trenitalia Frecciarossa services between Paris and Milano could start running from October 2 (Table 44). The much anticipated introduction of these trains on the route, competing directly with the existing TGV services, has been delayed for over a year having first made an appearance in the April 2020 Summer Supplement with a proposed start date of June 14, 2020.

Thalys has published its latest schedules which shows that 83% of its pre-pandemic timetable is now operating. Timings are valid through to the December 11 timetable change and all of our relevant tables have been updated accordingly.

Further to the news regarding the extension of EC151/150 Wien – Ljubljana to and from Trieste, we have added to Table 87 details of good connections that are available at Trieste to and from Venezia and Milano.

The following routes will see the reinstatement of a number of services from September 12: London Paddington to Plymouth and Penzance (Tables 110/112); Cardiff to Shrewsbury, Chester and North Wales (Table 149); London Kings Cross to Lincoln, Leeds, York and Edinburgh (Table 180); London Liverpool Street to Norwich (Table 200).

An amended timetable will operate between Clermont Ferrand and Montluc¸on from September 13 to October 29 with trains replaced by bus for all or part of the journey. A panel showing the temporary schedules has been added to Table 329.

Corsican Railways has updated its schedules for the autumn season and the new timings, valid from September 6 to October 31, will be found in Table 369.

WHSmith in Paris, who sell our timetables and maps, have changed their name to Smith & Son (see our updated list of retailers on page 29).

We have checked and updated all the numbered trains in the Italian section. However, services continue to be subject to short notice changes.

The extreme weather conditions that hit parts of north-west Europe in July caused considerable flood damage to many lines in the Nordrhein- Westfalen region of Germany. Services have been restored on most routes although a number of badly damaged lines will remain out of action for a number of months. Lines shown in our German section which remain closed are as follows:

* Remagen – Ahrbruck (Table 802). This line has been severely damaged and is expected to remain closed for many months. Rail replacement bus services are now available along certain sections of the route.

* Aachen – Monchengladbach (Table 802). The 11 kilometre section between Herzogenrath and Geilenkirchen is currently closed with rail replacement buses operating between these two stations until at least October 31.

* Hagen – Werdohl (Table 808). Services along this section of line are operated by bus until further notice with journey times extended by up to one hour. Rail services continue either side of the blockade in their normal timings.

* Koln – Gerolstein – Trier (Table 915a). All services Euskirchen – Trier are operated by bus until further notice with fast/stopping options available. The section between Koln and Euskirchen is also operated by bus until September 5 with rail services resuming thereafter. Our table has been updated with the revised schedules from September 6.

Engineering work is taking place at various locations between Hamburg and Berlin from September 11 to December 11 affecting various services along the route. All long-distance services between Hamburg and Berlin are diverted via Salzwedel, although a very limited service via Ludwigslust will be provided from November 22 (Table 840). To accommodate the diverted fast trains, the regional service between Uelzen and Stendal has had to be adjusted with most local trains between Uelzen and Salzwedel replaced by bus (Table 841). An amended service will be operating between Hamburg and Schwerin until October 31 with many trains replaced by bus (Table 830). Regional Wismar – Schwerin – Berlin services will be partially operated by bus (between Karsta¨ dt and Wittenberge) until November 19 resulting in extended journey times (Table 837). Special versions of Tables 830, 837, 840 and 841 will be found on pages 566 – 568 with full details of the amended schedules.

The latest Polish Railways timetable revision, valid from August 29 to November 6, was unfortunately received too late to enable us to check all of our Polish tables, although we have clearly indicated the tables which we have managed to check and update for this period. However, all other Polish domestic timings in this edition should be treated as subject to confirmation.

There are numerous minor revisions to schedules in Hungary together with a full recast of services in Table 1225. Please note that Tables 1220 and 1225 are valid from September 13.

Slovenian Railways issued a new timetable valid from July 31 to December 11 but was available too late for updates to be made in the August edition. However, all of our tables have now been fully checked and updated.

It has been reported from an unofficial source that Turkish Railways is planning to inaugurate services along its new high-speed lines Ankara – Sivas and Konya – Karaman from Saturday September 4. However, as we closed for press the official Turkish Railways website was not available to confirm this. We will, of course, keep an eye on developments and update our Turkish pages in the October edition.

In our section covering Africa and the Middle East, the Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, Egyptian, Israeli and Saudi Arabian tables have all been checked and updated since they last appeared in the Summer edition. In Nigerian Table 4270 we have added timings of extra services between Lagos and Ibadan and between Abuja and Kaduna.

As we closed for press, New Zealand had been placed in lockdown following an increase in coronavirus cases resulting in the suspension of all rail services. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation and so we have decided not to show the service suspensions in the New Zealand section. Many services in eastern Australia are also subject to cancellation, or are not crossing state borders, owing to a recent surge in coronavirus infections.

The worsening coronavirus situation in Japan has resulted in further service suspensions, particularly affecting Tables 8115, 8118, 8125, 8135, 8145 and 8160. A landslide has also disrupted services in Table 8130.

VIA Rail of Canada has significantly increased the number of services running along the Quebec – Montreal – Ottawa – Toronto – Windsor corridor from August 30 (Tables 9010, 9015 and 9020). In a recent announcement, VIA Rail confirmed that it has ceased production of printed timetables, relying instead on its various digital platforms to provide customers with journey information.

In the United States of America, Amtrak has reinstated a number of trains on its Keystone route from August 30 (Table 9230). Caltrain has also reinstated various services between San Francisco and San Jose from the same date (Table 9350). Brightline, who operate services between Miami and West Palm Beach in Florida, has announced plans to recommence services in the first half of November (Table 9248).

In Mexico, the El Chepe Express and El Chepe Regional will be running to a reduced schedule until October 31 as Grupo Me´ xico Transportes (GMXT) is currently carrying out a comprehensive study of the area (Table 9900).

There have been a number of service alterations in Argentina, the most notable being in Table 9960B where services have been extended to serve Valle Hermoso.

In Chilean Table 9965 the Santiago – Chillan and Talca – Constitucion panels have been updated with the latest schedules.

Table 10 (Winter): Eurostar has published a cautious advance timetable but may add further trains depending on how the travel market develops. From December 12 to January 8 Eurostar is initially planning to operate two or three services per day on the London to Paris route. Between London and Amsterdam it plans to operate a daily service supplemented with an additional service to Brussels on certain dates. From January 9 to February 5 it plans to operate two daily services to Paris and one to Amsterdam.

In Chilean Table 9965 the Santiago – Chillan and Talca – Constitucion panels have been updated with the latest schedules.

Table 13 (Winter): French Railways plan to run two daily TGV services between Paris and Barcelona, with a third journey added during the peak summer period.