The Newslines from the Autumn 2022 edition of the European Rail Timetable are reproduced here:-

As well as the latest updates to current rail schedules around Europe, this Autumn seasonal edition of the European Rail Timetable includes the first version of our Winter International Supplement with advance versions of selected international tables valid from the next timetable change on December 11. It will be found on pages 666 to 671 and will be expanded and updated further in the October and November digital editions as more information becomes available. Our Rail Extra feature will be found on pages 653 to 665 which contains useful transport based information presented on a country by country basis (including details of many popular tourist railways). On pages 560 and 561 we have reproduced selected news items from the July and August digital editions.

As is usual in our seasonal editions, we have included the latest versions of all Beyond Europe sections. However, this month we have made some significant changes to the format of this section, details of which are outlined in the Beyond Europe news item below.

Eurostar has amended its advice for when passengers should arrive at the station before departure of their train. The minimum check-in time at London St Pancras and Lille remains at 30 minutes, but has increased to 45 minutes at Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. However, Eurostar recommend that travellers should arrive between 90 and 120 minutes before departure. With regards to connections with Eurostar services shown in our international section, we have set the minimum connecting time at Brussels to 60 minutes (allowing up to 15 minutes to transfer to the check-in area). For cross-Paris connections we have allowed a minimum of 120 minutes (60 minutes to transfer between Paris stations and 15 minutes to check-in before the gate closes at Paris Nord). In most cases we have allowed for longer connecting times, but readers may still wish to consider booking earlier connections.

Eurostar continue to add more services on both the London to Paris and London to Brussels routes. However, owing to engineering work, no Eurostar services will run to and from Brussels on November 11 and 12.

Eurostar services will not be calling at Ebbsfleet International or Ashford International in 2023.

Further running dates between September 24 and December 7 have been confirmed for the Berlin Night Express service (EN301/300) between Berlin and Stockholm (Table 50).

London – Chester – Holyhead services, previously shown in Table 151, have been incorporated into an expanded Table 160 which now shows all services from London and Manchester to Holyhead (valid from September 12). Local Llandudno – Blaenau Ffestiniog services are now shown in Table 160a and services of the narrow gauge Welsh Highland and Ffestiniog railways are shown in 160b. Some other table number changes have also been implemented: London – Liverpool from 153 to 151 and Preston – Oxenholme – Windermere from 158 to 153.

As we closed for press, Avanti West Coast was running a reduced service on routes covered by Tables 150, 151, 152, 154 and 160. Readers should note that our tables are showing the original planned service which we understand may be restored at some point during the autumn. However, travellers are strongly advised to check any journey plans if using services of Avanti West Coast.

Table 228 has been expanded to show bus services to Portree and Uig from both Inverness and Fort William.

Tables covering Northern and western France have been fully updated to show autumn schedules valid from August 29 to December 10.

Rail services from Etaples Le Touquet to St Pol sur Ternoise have been extended to Arras (Table 263).

Engineering work affecting services in Table 290 will now continue until September 25. Timings shown in our table are those valid from September 26, but remain subject to confirmation as full details were not available as we closed for press. Please enquire locally for the amended service until September 25.

Table 369 has been updated with autumn schedules for Corsica valid from September 5 to October 30.

From September 13, most AVE services between Madrid and Alacant will transfer from Madrid Puerta de Atocha station to Madrid-Chamartin-Clara-Campoamor. The only exceptions are the Madrid – Alacant – Orihuela services which will continue to operate from and to Puerta de Atocha station. Table 668 has been updated with the revised timings from September 13, so please refer to earlier editions for timings before then. In addition, two new direct AVE services will be introduced on the same date between Alacant and Ourense (Table 680) and between Alacant and Leon (Table 681).

We understand that Alvia 622/621 Barcelona – A Coruna / Vigo may utilise the high-speed infrastructure between Burgos and Leon (via Palencia) from September 12 (Table 680).

Alvia services between Gijon and Madrid will be retimed from September 13 (Table 685).

An additional Avant train pair has been introduced between Malaga and Granada (Table 673).

Further to last month’s news item concerning the possible retiming of the service between Entroncamento and Badajoz, we can confirm thatthis has not yet taken place. However, we will continue to check for any changes over the next few weeks.

All overnight Trenhotel services were suspended at the start of the pandemic and have been indicated as such in our tables ever since. As they are unlikely to ever return, we have now removed all of them from our Spanish tables.

The German section has been fully updated with timings valid from September 23 to December 10. Readers planning journeys until September 22 should consult earlier editions or confirm timings locally, particularly if using long-distance services.

Work to upgrade the section of high-speed line between Wurzburg and Fulda continues until December 10 with trains diverted via alternative routes. The southern portion of the line will reopen from October 17 meaning long-distance services between Wurzburg and Frankfurt can return to normal. Note that Tables 904 and 920 show timings valid from October 17 with timings until October 16 found in alternative versions of these tables on pages 569 to 571. In Table 900, timings of ICE services between Munchen and Hamburg / Bremen are those valid from October 17 – please see page 568 for a special version of Table 900 with amended timings of these particular trains until October 16.

Engineering work to the east of Braunschweig Hbf will affect all long distance and regional services from October 15 to December 10. A reduced ICE service will run between Frankfurt and Berlin via Kassel with trains diverted between Gottingen and Wolfsburg, so not calling at Hildesheim or Braunschweig (Table 902). Significant alterations will also apply to services which normally run between Hannover and Magdeburg and so we have included a special version of Table 866 (on page 567) with full details of amended timings during this period. Note that regional services between Braunschweig and Magdeburg are replaced by bus between Braunschweig and Schandelah.

All services between Lubeck and Puttgarden are now operated by bus to allow major route upgrade to take place over the next few years. This section of line is part of the future Fehmarn Belt fixed link which will transform journeys between Germany and Denmark later this decade. Note that the local service between Lubeck and Neustadt (Holst) continues to be operated by train.

Slovenian Railways has extended the validity of its current timetable period to October 14. D

Owing to safety concerns as a result of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, rail services to Rokiskis in Lithuania were withdrawn in early July.

With all Beyond Europe pages now included in each printed edition, we have decided to make a few changes to the format of the whole section. Instead of each area having its own index, there is now a single combined index (which will be found on pages 572 to 575). We have heavily revised the Chinese pages to reflect routes of interest to tourists and hopefully make them much easier to read. However, it is proving difficult to obtain accurate data for China at present so most tables still show older timings while on a small number of routes we are currently unable to show any reliable timings. Note also that our Korean tables have been moved to appear between the China and Japan sections.

In Japan, the first section of the Nishi Kysuhu Shinkansen between Takeo Onsen and Nagasaki opens on September 23. Table 8110 has been altered to show the new service which has connections at Takeo Onsen with Limited Express trains from and to Hakata.

Via Rail of Canada has restored most routes to their pre-pandemic frequencies. Note that timings of trains in Table 9005 have been fully revised. We have added a new Table 9012 to show the Union Pearson Express service from Toronto Union to Pearson Airport.

In the United States of America, all Amtrak services have been checked and updated to show the service from mid-July. The Maple Leaf between New York and Toronto restarted on June 27 (Tables 9020 and 9210). The Ethan Allan Express has been extended and now terminates at Burlington VT, rather than Rutland (Table 9210). Additional trains are now running to and from Norfolk, Newport News and Roanoke in Table 9215, together with a small increase in the number of trains operating between New York and Washington.

Table 40 (Winter): Lyria services between Paris and Zurich will mostly remain unchanged, apart from train 9230 which will depart Zurich for Paris one hour later than at present, at 1834.

Table 82 (Winter): EC35 Geneve – Milano will extend to Venezia while EC37/47 Geneve – Venezia will terminate at Milano. EC307 Zurich – Milano – Venezia and EC311 Zurich – Milano – Bologna will switch their final destinations. In the reverse direction EC308 will start from Bologna (instead of Venezia), EC310 will start from Venezia (instead of Genova)and EC326 will start from Genova (instead of Bologna).

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