Coronavirus Update

The ongoing coronavirus situation across Europe has continued to affect sales of our main product, the European Rail Timetable, with far fewer readers travelling than normal.

In order to make vital cost savings as we negotiate this challenging period, the following publication changes will be implemented:

The August 2021 edition will be published but it will only be available in digital format.

The September 2021 digital edition will also be available in a printed format.

The October 2021 edition will only be available in digital format.

We then plan to resume normal publication from the November 2021 digital edition.

Please note the September printed and digital edition will include the latest versions of all Beyond Europe sections although the price will remain at £18.99. This edition will cover European services from September until the December 2021 timetable change.

We do apologise for these further alterations to timetable production. However, we believe this is the right decision to ensure the timetable can continue in the long-term. We sincerely hope our readers continue to stay safe during these difficult times and can resume their travels around Europe (and beyond) at some point in the not too distant future.