The continuing spread of coronavirus is having an unprecedented effect on public transport networks around the world. National governments have implemented a variety of measures to contain the spread of the virus including the closure of many international borders. As a result, international rail services around Europe, both long-distance and local, have been decimated over recent weeks. The domestic service level has also been reduced in most countries as people heed official advice not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

We at European Rail Timetable clearly urge our readers to observe official government advice with regards to travel during these difficult times. The latest edition only shows regular schedules so readers can continue to plan future journeys once this pandemic is under control, however long that takes. We have made the decision not to include details of any amended schedules because the situation is so fluid with individual countries being at different stages of dealing with the pandemic. More importantly, many governments have imposed severe travel restrictions as part of their strategy to contain the virus, so it would be inappropriate for us to show amended timetables.

We sincerely hope our readers stay safe during this difficult time and can resume their travels around
Europe (and beyond) at some point in the not too distant future.