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Summer 2020 edition - PUBLISHED JULY 22, 2020

Due to the pandemic, ERT delayed the publication of the Summer 2020 edition until July 22th and combined it with the August edition. All annual subscription holders (£100 for 6 printed copies) have had their subscriptions extended by one month. Annual subscriptions usually only contain two seasonal editions, however if a new subscription was taken out to start with the Summer 2020/August edition it would contain three seasonal editions.

An annual subscription starting with the Summer 2020 edition would include the following editions:

Summer 2020, October 2020, Winter 2020/2021, February 2021, April 2021 & Summer 2021.

For customers who have already pre-ordered the Summer 2020 edition (or pre-ordered the Winter 2019/2020 together with the Summer 2020) and wish to purchase an annual subscription instead, starting with the Summer 2020 edition, we can offer you a credit of £19.99 to purchase the subscription for £80.01.

After the purchase has been made, we will cross check your pre-order reference and then set you up with an annual subscription. 



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