Route No. 41: “Northern Italian Cities”


As a continuing feature we will be highlighting a selected route from our guidebook ‘Europe by Rail’ written by Nicky Gardner & Susanne Kries, every week.  Below is an extract from the book. To find out more, the guidebook can be purchased through our website for £15.99.

This week we are looking at: Route No. 41: “Northern Italian Cities” which begins in Genoa, passing through Milan and ending in Venice.

This route takes in several glorious north Italian cities from Genoa in the west to Venice in the east – a veritable feast of art and architecture, along the way swapping the Mediterranean for the Adriatic. With such illustrious art and culture hot spots as Milan, Verona, Vicenza and Padua along the way, this route is, at one level, quintessential Italy. If you really are a city lover, then Route 41 is for you.

Milan (Milano) – (suggested stopover).
Italy’s second largest city is the country’s economic powerhouse as well as its commercial, banking, fashion and design centre. Milan is less aesthetically appealing than Florence or Rome. But Italy’s most cosmopolitan city boasts Romanesque churches, grand galleries, a superb museum of Northern Italian art (the Brera) and one of the boldest cathedrals in Christendom.

Milan’s signature building is the Duomo. This extravagant Gothic cathedral, overflowing with belfries, statues and pinnacles, has stairs leading to rooftop views.