Route No. 46: “Through Poland to Ukraine”

Route of the Week general info - Route 46 - Through Poland to UkraineAs a continuing feature we will be highlighting a selected route from our guidebook ‘Europe by Rail’ written by Nicky Gardner & Susanne Kries, every week.  Below is an extract from the book. To find out more, the guidebook can be purchased through our website for £15.99.

This week we are looking at: Route No. 46: “Through Poland to Ukraine” which begins in Berlin, passing through Warsaw and Kraków, ending in Lviv.

Between Berlin and Lviv, Route 46 takes in two particularly fine Polish cities, Poznań and Krakow – both with magnificent central squares. Not to mention the capital Warsaw too. Like every route in the book, this journey is not just about getting from A to B. It’s better to linger and take a few days exploring places along the way.
Poznań (suggested stopover): The capital of Wielkopolska is one of Poland’s most engaging and oldest cities. It was the seat of Poland’s first bishop in the 10th century. Its status as a great mercantile centre (it’s still an important centre for trade fairs) has contributed to the architectural heritage of its Old Town. The city’s focal point is Stary Rynek, a spacious square with gabled burghers’ houses and a spectacular multicoloured 16th-century Renaissance Town Hall, where at midday two mechanical goats emerge from above the clock to lock horns. Inside is the Chamber of the Renaissance with its beautifully painted, coffered ceiling (1555) and the Poznań Historical Museum (free Sat). As the train leaves Poznań, there is a tantalising glimpse (back to the right of the train) of that city’s remarkable Town Hall. Before long you are running through pleasant Mazovian countryside on the approach to Warsaw. There are glimpses of rural estates and manor houses, wistfully beautiful meadows and concrete apartment blocks – a very Polish mix.

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