Route No. 38: “Through Liguria to Tuscany”

As a continuing feature we will be highlighting a selected route from our guidebook ‘Europe by Rail’ written by Nicky Gardner & Susanne Kries, every week.  Below is an extract from the book. To find out more, the guidebook can be purchased through our website for £15.99.

This week we are looking at: Route No. 38: “Through Liguria to Tuscany” which begins in Nice, passing through Monaco into Italy ending in Pisa.

There is some wonderful scenery on this short journey, though to see the best of it, you’ll really need to get off the train and linger. Genoa is an obvious choice for an overnight stop, but you may want to be more creative and choose one or two smaller communities to stay for a day or two. Smaller towns which are among our personal favourites are Menton, Sanremo, Albenga, Santa Margherita Ligure and Vernazza, though the last of these is so formidably busy in summer that we would not even think of stopping there other than in the depths of winter. Slowish regional trains run at least every couple of hours along every section of this route, so it’s perfectly possible to travel spontaneously and just buy tickets along the way. If you are in a rush, you can travel from Nice to Pisa in about six hours, with just a single change of train in Genoa.

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