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About Us

We are the publishers of the European Rail Timetable, the successor to the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable. 

Running close to 600 pages and listing around 50,000 trains, the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable was long considered the InterRailer's bible until it was discontinued in August 2013. However, thanks to the persistence of John Potter, one of its original staff members, the timetable was able to be re-launched as an independent guide after Thomas Cook agreed to hand over the rights to the publication.

Aside from the duration of the second world war, the timetable has been in continuous publication since 1873 and we at ERT are proud to continue its heritage. The timetable is now published six times a year in printed form and twelve times a year in digital form along with a combined Summer and Winter Edition published in June and December every year.

We also publish a range of complementary rail maps and guidebooks.

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