Welcome to the European Rail Timetable
The European Rail Timetable is a concise guide to rail and ferry schedules throughout Europe, and even includes each month an area of the world outside of Europe.  A new edition of the Timetable is published at the beginning of each month, as well as an extended version released in summer and winter.

Produced by the former compilers of the Thomas Cook European Rail Timetable it still remains the unique must have for Inter-Railers and Eurailers, as well as travel agents, independent travellers and libraries. It has all the relevant detail needed for travelling around Europe, the schedule of trains, important bus routes and shipping services as well as key country information.

Mark Smith, The Man in Seat Sixty-One states “Nothing lays out the train routes and services like the European Rail Timetable.” (www.seat61.com).

Latest News
This summer we have decided to discontinue our regular June edition in order to concentrate our efforts on the Summer 2016 seasonal edition. This highly popular product contains everything contained within the June edition plus extra pages that include information on rail passes and detailed country by country information on embassies, tourist offices, public transport and more.
Another benefit of the Summer 2016 edition is that it contains all eight of the most recent Beyond Europe sections, 81 pages in total.  In our regular Route of the Month feature, Berlin-based travel writers Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries invite readers to join them on the morning Eurocity train over the Arlberg rail route in Austria. We remain on an Austrian theme in our Tip of the Month, where Nicky and Susanne look in detail at the Einfach-Raus-Ticket, a popular product which can be used by small groups of two to five people wishing to explore Austria by train on a budget.
The expanded Summer edition is priced at £17.99 and, if you are a subscription holder, you will receive this in place of your normal monthly June copy at no extra cost.  It is now available to pre-order and will be dispatched from June 2nd.

The May 2016 edition is on sale now, and the Summer 2016 from June 2nd at:
The Winter 2015/2016 edition and the Summer 2016 from June 2nd is available from: The Rail Map Europe is on sale at:
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