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The May 2015 and Winter 2014/2015 editions are on sale at the following retailers:

  • Oundle News, Oundle, Northamptonshire, UK.
  • Stanfords, Long Acre, London and Corn Street, Bristol, UK (www.stanfords.co.uk).
  • Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford, UK.
  • GVE-Verlag/BahnBuchShop, Bahnhof Berlin-Lichtenberg (www.bahnbuchshop.de).
  • Fahrplancenter, Winterthur, Switzerland (www.fahrplancenter.com).
The Winter 2014/2015 edition is also available from:
Latest News


We are now accepting pre-orders for the June monthly and Summer seasonal editions of the European Rail Timetable.
The June monthly edition features new timetables for many countries valid from mid-June. It also includes the summer British timings which are valid from May 17th and comprehensive updates for France and Russia.
For their “Route of the Month”, the editors of hidden europe magazine visit Finland and enjoy a ride on train IC928 along its entire route from Oulu to Turku via Kuopio, whilst the June “Beyond Europe” section features Africa and the Middle East.

The June edition costs £15.99 plus postage and packaging and will be dispatched from June 4th.

The Summer edition includes all of the updates in the June monthly edition, together with an extra 32 pages at the front which contains an expanded seven page feature on Rail Passes and detailed country by country information on embassies, tourist offices, public transport, telephones, holidays and more. At the back there are an extra 64 pages enabling the seasonal editions to contain all six of the most recent Beyond Europe sections.
The Summer edition costs £17.99 plus postage and packaging and will be dispatched from June 4th.
Both titles can be ordered on our website www.europeanrailtimetable.eu.