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The September 2015 edition will be on sale in Oundle News from September 2nd and a few days later in Stanfords, Blackwell's, BahnBuchShop and Fahrplancenter.

The August and Summer 2015 editions are on sale at the following retailers:

  • Oundle News, Oundle, Northamptonshire, UK.
  • Stanfords, Long Acre, London and Corn Street, Bristol, UK (www.stanfords.co.uk).
  • Blackwell's Bookshop, Broad Street, Oxford, UK.
  • GVE-Verlag/BahnBuchShop, Bahnhof Berlin-Lichtenberg (www.bahnbuchshop.de).
  • Fahrplancenter, Winterthur, Switzerland (www.fahrplancenter.com).
The Summer 2015 edition is also available from:
Latest News


We are now accepting pre-orders for the September edition of the ERT. The September edition will include the latest updates for Great Britain, Germany and Poland.

The September edition will also contain the first 16 page “Winter Supplement” which shows advance versions of selected international tables valid from the December timetable change. Included are major changes on the Hamburg - Berlin - Praha - Wien / Budapest corridor and the routes from Warszawa to Praha, Wien and Budapest. Details of these changes will be found in Tables 60 (Winter) and 99 (Winter) respectively.

For the first time our regular “Route of the Month” feature explores the route of a closed railway line as the editors of hidden europe magazine describe a journey on the former Callander to Crianlarich line in Scotland, which closed 50 years ago this month. We will also include a sample table showing schedules along the route in 1961, four years before closure. Many Scottish lines have been lost over the years, but happily the Borders Railway from Edinburgh to Tweedbank will be opened this month by Her Majesty The Queen, on the day she becomes Britain’s longest serving monarch, September 9th.

The “Beyond Europe” section will include the latest schedules for principal services in China.

The September edition costs £15.99 and pre-orders will be dispatched on September 2nd. Order your copy now on our website www.europeanrailtimetable.eu