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The April edition of the ERT is now on sale! The April edition includes the new Finnish timetable valid from March 29, as well as the latest timetable updates in Poland and Sweden.  A number of changes in Great Britain, Portugal and Turkey are also included. For their “Route of the Month”, the editors of hidden europe magazine take a trip from Porto to Vigo using the direct service found in Table 696.  “Beyond Europe” contains the latest timetables from Japan, including the new Hokuriku Shinkansen service between Kanazawa and Tokyo. This month we have also included three pages covering rail services in South America. Finally, the “Summer International Supplement” of advance information for international services commencing June 14th is expanded to 32 pages this month. The April edition costs £15.99 plus postage and packaging and can be ordered on our website www.europeanrailtimetable.eu


We are now taking orders for the May edition of the ERT, which will be published on May 1st. Full details will be included in next week’s newsletter. The May edition costs £15.99 plus postage and packaging and can be ordered on our website www.europeanrailtimetable.eu


European Rail Timetable Limited is pleased to offer reprints of three historic timetable editions.
March 1873 Edition: The March 1873 edition of the Cook’s Continental Time Tables was the first ever published. Now digitally restored, it will take you back in time to discover the continent as it was over 140 years ago. Bringing together original rail schedules, detailed tourist maps, international hotel listings and much more, “Cook’s Continental Time Tables and Tourist’s Handbook”, to give it its full name, contains everything a 19th century traveller could need for an excursion across Europe and beyond. 164 pages. Price £12.99 plus postage and packaging.

Overseas Timetable November/December 2010 Edition: The unique Thomas Cook Overseas Timetable was published for 30 years from 1981 until the end of 2010, covering rail, bus and ferry travel throughout North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australasia, in fact anywhere not in Europe! This reprint of the final edition was originally made available during the final months of Thomas Cook Publishing, using the digital print on demand method of production, and European Rail Timetable Limited are pleased to once again make it available. 416 pages. Price £19.99 plus postage and packaging.
European Timetable August 2013 Edition: The August 2013 edition of the European Timetable was the 1526th and final to be produced under the Thomas Cook name. The original print run of this edition sold out completely and original copies are now quite rare, but those who missed out can now own a piece of timetable history thanks to this digital reprint. 564 pages. Price £19.99 plus postage and packaging.
Reprints Bundle: All 3 reprinted editions are available as a bundle for the special price of £45 plus postage and packaging, a 15% saving compared to purchasing all the books separately.
All of these products can be ordered on our website www.europeanrailtimetable.eu


[International] The RZD operated Paris – Moskva service will be retimed to operate overnight between Paris and Berlin from June 14th.
[Morocco] Due to construction work related to the new high-speed railway, Tanger Ville station has closed and all services now terminate at Tanger Morora.
[South Africa] A Johannesburg – Pretoria – Komatipoort train has been reintroduced.
[Spain] The “Estrella Costa Brava” Madrid - Barcelona overnight service has been withdrawn, bringing an end to the “Estrella” train category.
[Spain] An accelerated service between Madrid and Santander will commence on April 14th.
[Turkey] The recently reintroduced Pamukkale Express has switched from overnight to day time operation.
Full details will be included in the May ERT.